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Hi I’m Marlies and I’m liscensed mortgage broker from Cranbrook BC! Don’t let that fool you though, my license extends across the province, and I’m excited to work with those looking to buy or refinance for any number of reasons or situations.

I was born and raised in the sunny city of Cranbrook BC but always had the wanderlust itch. I traveled often as a child and young adult but always found that the mountain ranges always meant I was ⋅home⋅.

After completing my undergraduate degree in Kamloops and experiencing many of those sighs-of-relief in being back in the mountains, my husband and I decided to keep ourselves planted in the East Kootenays. My husband bought an auto repair shop and I helped my mother rebrand, renovate and re-open her restaurant as a brewpub.

Next came the growth of our family. My son was born in 2014 and my daughter not-long-after in 2017. I felt a deep pull to try something new, something that would afford me the ease of being present as my children grew up while simultaneously being able to work hard and be of service to those around me.

The idea of becoming a mortgage broker simmered on the back burner for nearly 2 years until deciding to turn the idea into a reality. Here we are today, and I couldn’t be happier helping people get into their dream home!

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